How to change employers

If you have a work permit under the Working Holiday category, you can change employers whenever you want or need to.

Under the Young Professionals and International Co-op (Internship) categories, you can only change your employer if you have a valid reason.

Examples of valid reasons to change your employer include:

  • you were working for a company that has closed
  • you’re not receiving the wages you were promised
  • your working conditions are not safe or as promised, or
  • you have been fired or laid off

You can’t change your employer because:

  • you’ve been offered better wages by a different employer
  • you would like to work in a different location, or
  • you do not like your job or employer

Step 1: Ask for permission to change employers

The new job also must meet the Young Professional requirements, meaning it must be a skilled job in the TEER category 0, 1, 2, 3 

  1. Submit a request using the Web form.
  2. Select “International Experience Canada” in the “Type of Application” drop-down menu.
  3. Clearly explain the reasons why you need to change your employer and how your new job contributes to your professional development or studies.
  4. Submit supporting documents to prove your claim.
  5. Include a letter of offer from your new employer.

Your request to change employers will be assessed. If you have a valid reason and are still eligible for IEC, you will receive instructions on how to submit a new work permit application.

Step 2: The new employer must do some work

After you receive the permission to change employers, the new employer

  • Has to register on the Employer Portal
  • Has to submit the job offer in the Employer Portal
  • Has to pay the $230 compliance fee
  • Will receive a new LMIA exemption number starting with A
  • Has to give you this new number

Step 3: Apply for the new work permit

Do not use the IEC pool to apply, you must apply outside of the pools.

You can apply on paper or online via the same GCKey account you used for the Young Professional application. 

Start with “Apply to come to Canada” and answer the questions in the questionnaire. Then upload all documents, pay the $155 work permit fee, and submit the application. Everything is done online within this application. 

Step 4: Request authorization to start working

Due to Covid, since May 12, 2020 there is a temporary public policy in effect. Under this policy applicants can request to start working for the new employer and don’t have to wait for the new work permit to be processed. More information on the > official government website < 

  1. Create a new Web form.
  2. You must include the code PPCHANGEWORK2020, otherwise IRCC will not process the request!
  3. Copy the text below into the webform
  4. Wait for the IRCC email.
    • It will confirm that you can start your new job or work for your new employer while they process your application.
    • If you applied online for your work permit, the email should arrive in about 6 to 8 weeks.
    • If you applied on paper, it may take longer.
  5. Only after you received the IRCC email, you can start working for the new employer
  6. A new work permit will be mailed to the address you entered in the work permit application.


Your new work permit will only be valid for the time remaining on your current IEC work permit. For example, if you request a change three months into a 12-month work permit, your new work permit will be valid for a maximum of 9 months.

TEXT to copy into the webform

can be found >>> here <<<

Priority Code PPCHANGEWORK2020: I am requesting consideration under the temporary public policy to exempt foreign nationals in Canada from certain requirements when changing employment during the coronavirus pandemic and request that the applicable exemptions be granted until the decision is made on my work permit application or it is withdrawn.

I attest that: I hold/held a work permit valid until [DATE] for employer [name] / in occupation [job title] and I have received new job offer for [new employer name] / [new occupation job title].

I have submitted my application for a work permit online or I submitted my application by paper and the postal/courier tracking number is [number].

I intend to work for the [new employer name] / [new occupation job title] specified in the aforementioned work permit application.

I understand that providing false, misleading or incorrect information is a violation of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and may result in enforcement measures against me.