Recognized Organization

A Recognized Organization (RO) offers the opportunity to participate in the Working Holiday Program two more times. And this is in addition to the normal process. The RO are very expensive and the places are very limited, so they are taken within days (some within minutes). Prices on the RO vary between $3000-$5000.

There are only a small number of approved RO’s that offer this possibility. You can find the list and more information >> here under this link<<

The good thing about a participation via a Recognized Organization (RO) is that it can give many countries another chance at the Working Holiday if they passed the age of the regular IEC process. For example, the regular requirement for the UK is 30 years. With an RO you could take part until the age of 35. 

Getting the help of an agency not listed as a Recognized Organization does not count as a participation with a Recognized Organization.

The typical RO process in a nutshell:

  • You contact the RO if they still have places, then apply there first.
  • You pay the fees to the RO.
  • You get an RO support letter (acceptance letter).
  • Then you apply to the Working Holiday Pool as normal and wait for an invitation
  • When you create the profile, answer the question about the letter from an RO with “yes”. 
  • Choose the name of the RO from the dropdown list 

Can I participate with an RO at any time if the pool is open?

Unfortunately, no. The Recognized Organizations (RO) have their own opening days once the IEC pool is open. You have to catch the right moment to apply. After experiences of the last few years, it is a few weeks after pool opening. To do this, it is best to subscribe to the newsletter of the respective RO homepage so that you do not miss the opening. But as long as they have available places, you can apply with them at any time.

Is a participation via an RO a guaranteed Working Holiday?

Basically, yes. The RO have their own number of spots in the pools and once you have paid the fee and put your profile in the pool, an invitation is pretty much guaranteed.

I participated with an RO, can I now apply via the regular process?

Definitely, yes.