What is the "Mobilité Francophone"?

What is Mobilité Francophone? – A general overview

  • Mobilité Francophone falls under the International Mobility Program, which allows Canadian employers to hire foreigners without an LMIA.
  • It is an employer-specific work permit, so you can only work for the employer who made this work permit possible.
  • No LMIA is required.
  • Temporary measure until 2025: All TEER categories are allowed; it does not have to be a skilled TEER job!
  • There is no age restriction.
  • Francophone = People who use French as their main language in daily life. For example residents of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, etc. 
  • But you do not have to be a citizen of a French country. It is open to all nationalities who are fluent in French.
  • There is no limit to how many applicants can use this program.
  • The work permit can be renewed with a new job offer.
  • Spouses and common law partners can apply for a spousal open work permit.
  • You can apply for this work permit at the border with all required documents. 

More information to this program is found here  and here on the official government website. 

What are the requirements for the Mobilité Francophone?

  • Must live and work in a province outside of Quebec.
  • Must be able to prove you can speak and listen in French at an intermediate level.
  • Must have an offer of employment for a job that’s classified under any TEER category, except primary agriculture occupations.

Step 1: The employer has to take the first steps.

The employer must:

  • create a profile in the Employer Portal
  • create the offer of employment 
  • provide the following information in the offer of employment:
    • about the business
    • your name
    • the job details
    • wage and benefits
  • pay the employer compliance fee of $230
    • The Employer Portal asks for an LMIA exemption code code. The employer must select the following: “Francophone mobility R205(a) (exemption code C16)”
    • When asked “Explanation of how the job meets the requirements…” they have to explain how you meet the requirement for this work permit. Something like that the candidate speaks French/is a native speaker, settles outside of Quebec, and has been offered a job. The best chances for approval are if the job also requires you to speak French.
  • After submission of the job offer, and payment of the fees, the employer receives an offer of employment number starting with A
  • With this number you can apply for the work permit.

Step 2: Apply for the work permit

  • The best and fastest way is to apply online. Instructions here 
  • You can use the same GCKey Account if you previously applied for a Canadian work permit or study permit. 
  • If you don’t have a GCKey account, you can create one here under ‘register’
  • You enter the offer of employment number you received from your employer in step 1 above.
  • You upload all required documents. 
  • You must submit documents that prove you can speak and listen at an NCLC level 5 or higher. This can be

    • speaking and listening Test d’évaluation de français (TEF) or Test de connaissance du français (TCF) results

    • a written confirmation from a college or university for a program in French 

    • other documents that show education in French

  • You pay the $155 fee during the application process.

For how long is the work permit issued?

The processing agent can issue the work permit for the duration of the job offer (or until the passport expires, whichever is earlier). Yes, so you will receive a work permit for 2 years if the job offer has been issued for that long.

Can I change employers with this work permit?

No, the work permit is an employer-specific work permit that contains the name of the employer and the location. 

Can I apply for this work permit following the Working Holiday if I already work for the employer?

Definitely yes, if you have already used the Working Holiday work permit, you can use this Mobilité Francophone work permit after. The employer only has to complete all the steps in the employer portal to get an ‘offer of employment number’. Then you apply for this work permit.