Visitor Record Application

>> You can find a ton of FAQ to the visitor record in this info post <<


The direct link to the application >here<. First, create a GCKey account. If you still have access to the MyGCKey account from the Working Holiday application, half the work is already done. Simply log in to the MyGCKey account.

“Start an application”

“Apply to come to Canada”

Then you will come to a screen where you have to enter the reference code. Since you don’t have one, please click the button Visitor Visa, study and/or work permit below under “I do not have a personal reference code”

Answer a few questions, then the result at the end must be Visitors (in Canada)

Attention. For the information in the questionnaire: Your current status with the Working Holiday work permit in Canada is “Worker”.

Continue with the “Continue” button and after answering further questions, a document list is generated where you upload all necessary documents. 

Download and fill out the application form IMM5708

  • If you’re having trouble downloading the PDF document, click >here< for the steps to follow.
  • The IMM5708 form only needs to be filled out, saved and re-uploaded on the PC. It does not need to be signed, even if it says “Signature” at the bottom of the form. Don’t worry, during the application everything is automatically signed and transmitted electronically.

In the application you have to tick the box next to “Extend my stay as a visitor” and fill it out completely. Click the blue “Validate” button and upload the form. 

  • Once all documents have been uploaded, the next step is to pay the fees.
  • Take a screenshot of the payment confirmation in case you need it later.
  • Complete the remaining steps in the application until everything is submitted.

If the visitor record is approved, you will receive an official document by mail to the address provided in the application. The visitor record looks exactly like your Working Holiday work permit. There will be the date of validity.​

The decision on the length of the visitor record is always made by the processing agent at the government. Below is an example of a visitor record. Keep this document on you at all times because it proves your legal status in Canada.