How do I apply for the Working Holiday Canada?

Important tips for applying for the Working Holiday Canada!

The very first question that a future Work and Traveller has, “Should I take the help of an agency?”

No, you can save yourself a ton of money by going through the process on your own. Thousands of applicants do it every year and succeed. The process sounds scary at first, but if you follow this step by step guide you will be successful too. Start with step 1 and work through all steps one by one.  

A few more thoughts about using an agency here. 


The FAQ section about the Working Holiday Canada answers many of the questions about the Working Holiday process. It will make the whole process a lot more clearer.

Don’t rush! The pool is not about “first come first served”. 
It does not matter whether you apply on the first day, tenth day or twentieth day of the season.

Experience from the past 7 years has shown that the pool opens at the beginning of December and is open all year round until all spots are taken. It closes around October/November the following year. This means that you can apply for the Working Holiday at any time during this year as long as there are spots left. 

After the pool is open, and as long as it is open, you can follow the status of the spots of your country. The numbers are updated every Friday.

To check, enter your country here

No one  is given preference in the pool and the chances of an invitation are the same for all profiles in the pool. No matter if you apply alone, or with the help of an organization or pay a ton of money to an agency. No matter whether you have just graduated from high school as a student or whether you already have a PhD.

Take your time and answer the questions correctly. If the profile is already in the pool, important answers can NOT be changed because they are grayed out. If you’ve made a mistake, you’ll have to withdraw the profile and start all over. This means creating a new profile and waiting for an invitation again!

Let’s go!

You can’t go wrong with the Working Holiday Canada application with the steps below. I will give important information in the respective steps, what you have to pay attention to. Nowhere else on the Internet will you get so many insider tips.