Step 8: Activate

  • After receiving the POE, you have 1 year to enter Canada to activate the work permit.
  • With this letter you must activate the work permit at the border/immigration with the required documents.
  • If you are already in Canada, you can only activate the work permit at the US border. All you have to do is “flagpoling”.

You will need the following documents for activation:

  • your passport
  • your Port of Entry (POE) Letter
  • proof of funds
    • Proof must include your name and account balance and must not be older than 7 days
    • Cash is also considered proof (Cash over $10,000 must be declared to customs)
    • At least $2,500 if you have a return flight
    • More money if you don’t have a return flight (Extra $1,000 should suffice as additional proof)
  • proof of health insurance
    • Insurance must be valid for the entire duration of the intended stay
    • > Here < you can find more information about the requirements of the health insurance
  • a ticket for your departure from Canada or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket and
  • copies of the documents you provided in your work permit application
    • for example the family information form and police certificate 
    • You don’t need a current police certificate. The old one is fine.
  • The list of required documents can be found >here< on the official site.

Health Insurance for Working Holiday participants from Europe and UK

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